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Personal hookah https://thehookahlab.com mouth tips are an excellent accessory for those who frequent hookah lounges. These are available at the store in a choice of designs and materials that include bronze and acrylic. Crafted for elegant appearance and ease of use, these personal hookah mouthpieces may have a sling or necklace made from cord or beads.

The Hookah Lab has an excellent selection of shisha tobacco treated and flavored differently to suit diverse palates. Connoisseurs can opt for high quality, consistent tasting, heat resistant tobacco imported from the UAE, Turkey, Germany, as well as produced domestically in the US. Adalya Love 66 is one of the most sought-after flavors at this retailer. It blends wonderfully with other hookah tobaccos, imparting a cool freshness that relaxes and makes every session a worthwhile one.